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Some of my favorites reoccurring lectures

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Korean Religions

What makes Korean religious landscape so unique? 


The Clothes Maketh the Man: Dress and Fashion in Premodern Korea.

From historical records to popular drama: What can historians tell us about Korean fashion? How did we come up with the work hanbok and why does it all matter? 

Talking about fashion, dramas and the little things that make you look good.  



Colonial Hybridity

Music and musicality during the colonial period.


Paper Lanterns 

The culture and art behind the unique paper lantern culture of Korea. How did paper lanterns become such a signifier of Korean national pride and local culture, and how did it trace its way to modern drone shows. 

This lecture is accompanied by a workshop on making simple Korean lanterns. 

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Colors of Korea

The significance of colors in traditional Korea. How did Koreans describe colors in ancient times, and why did they have their own special words for many colors - ones that we do not have today? The lecture traces the cultural differences in the meaning we assign to colors, and opens a way for understanding the subtext of Korean historical dramas.


Rice, Soju and Chopsticks

A brief history of Korean Cuisine. Korean cuisine and food culture as seen through the eyes of an historian. Looking at food as an overlay of the unique Korean experience. 

A specialized version of this lecture, focusing on the unique health aspects of Korean cuisine, was presented in the Amirim Conference for Veganism and Vegetarianism. 

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