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Various courses I have ready to teach




Material and cultural history of Korea.


Korean Cinema

In this course we examine Korean cinema chronologically and topically. It allows us to see the last century as Korean have seen it - at least on the big screen. Thus we can achieve two goals. First, we learn about the history of modern Korea in its own voice. Second, we do it through the unique language of cinema. 

We examine how political, social and cultural changes are reflected through cinema. The course is organized thematically and roughly chronologically. We will watch and analyze films from different periods but focus mostly on popular cinema.

The course is designed for heterogeneous audience. It does not assume previous knowledge in Korean language or culture, although those will obviously be beneficial.

Cinematic landscape
Statue of King Sejong the Great


Korean History

This course examines politics, society, and culture of pre-modern Korea: from pre-historic times to the turn of the twentieth-century. It offers a general, and yet solid overview of Korean history in the East Asian context. Readings cover various aspects of Korean civilization such as politics and policies, intellectual history, cultural developments (literature and fine arts), religious practices, gender relations/roles, folk culture, international relations, etc.


No previous knowledge in pre-modern Korean, Chinese, or Japanese history is required.

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